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Quality & Standards


Service standards


As always our engineers will arrive on time, ready to work at the agreed arrangement. They will have their work completed within the time frame contracted, to the best of their ability.


All work to be completed to the specifications planned. With nothing but satisfactory service. Alongside all necessary paperwork completed and returned with the customer.


Our Staff work to every health and safety requirement, using appropriate PPE and working methods at all times. Leaving their workspace in an ordered manner ensuring it is clean and ready to be worked upon the following day. Not only this but our engineers are good mannered, easy to communicate with and outgoing to be around, looking to solve problems always.


Customer Property

Our Engineers take the property of our customers seriously and are responsible for ensuring that no damage or changes are made without instruction. Any reports of damage will be handled swiftly with the customer at the centre of care, using photographs to evidence any conditions or issues tied to the situation to ensure nothing is not recorded for the safety of our company and the customer.

Customer Charter/Code of Conduct

In order for our company to remain at the forefront of service, our highly skilled engineers complete on a weekly basis, inspections, maintenance, repairs, servicing, overhauls, campaign work and body repairs without fail, whether at our own depot or yours. Making us very flexible in service.

If anything is wrong with our work or even something we can improve, you can get in touch by email or phone, we will be here around the clock to fix any errors encountered.

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